avandelay's 1986 Ford Mustang SVO
Owner Comments

Average Fuel Economy: 17.169 MPG

Maintenance Log
Misc.3882007/10/1997Repaired A/C system at Miller Auto Repair.
Repack wheel bearings4250008/19/1999Work done at dealership.
Pinion Seal4250008/19/1999Work done at dealership.
Rear main seal4373708/17/2000Work done at dealership.
Misc.4379508/24/2000Replaced o-ring at speedo driven gear housing on trans. Work done at dealership.
Replace Battery004/09/2003 
Oil Change4905104/15/2006Valvoline 10W-40 Durablend, Motorcraft FL-300 filter
PCV valve4908504/18/2006Fram FV261
Hatch struts4911704/22/2006Mighty Lift 95066
Tires4915005/06/2006Kumho ECSTA SPT 225/50-16
PCV valve4925505/26/2006Put old stock valve back in -- possible oil leak with Fram valve
Oil Change5019410/23/2006Valvoline 10W-40 Durablend, Motorcraft FL-300 filter.
Take out of storage5020804/08/2007 
Oil Change5037205/13/2007Valvoline 10W-40 Durablend, Motorcraft FL-300 filter.
Put in storage5082011/03/2007Washed car, added fuel stabilizer
Oil Change5082011/03/2007Castrol Syntec 10W-40
Take out of storage5082006/12/2008First street test on MegaSquirt
Spark Plugs5085006/22/2008New Motorcraft 32C plugs, gapped at approx .030". Exact mileage when replaced unknown.
Top off Coolant5087706/25/2008Not leaking, just needed to fill overflow tank. Used 50/50 mix.
Oil Change5087706/25/2008Castrol Syntec blend 10W-40. Oil pressure has been a bit higher than normal on this oil, need to watch.
IVR5092107/05/2008Coolant and oil pressure gauges were reading high, gas gauge all over. After replacement, all gauges are lower.
Oil Change5128210/25/2008 
Put in storage5128211/02/2008 
Take out of storage5128206/06/2009Maiden voyage for the year. Needs lots of MS tuning and an alignment.
Put in storage5134212/20/2009Added fuel stabilizer...NOTE: oil smells like gas, alternator looks charred
Oil Change5134212/20/200910w-40 dino on old filter for winter...need to change again before driving. oil still smells like gas.
Take out of storage5134207/03/2010 
Oil Change5146610/08/201010w40 castrol blend, purolator pureone filter
Put in storage5146911/07/2010 
Take out of storage007/09/2011 
Oil Change5147607/10/2011 
Oil Change5152406/13/2012 
Oil Change5157009/07/2013 

Project Log
3G Alternator   (completed 6/2/2009)
3G alternator from '92 - '94 3.0L Aerostar  
Suspension Stage I   (completed 6/1/2008)
Motorsport B springs  
MM Camber/Caster plates  
Replace front Konis  
MegaSquirt   (completed 12/1/2007)
MS II PCB 3.0 kit  
MegaStim v2.1 kit  
EEC IV adapter board kit  
Adapter Cable  
Air intake  
Gauges in radio slot   (completed 9/30/2007)
Vacuum/Boost gauge  
LC-1 WB02 w/ Red gauge  
Radio delete plate  
Antenna delete plate  
Intercooler   (completed 4/25/2007)
Stinger FMIC kit  
Forge BOV  
Power Steering Cooler  
Exhaust   (completed 6/30/2006)
Stinger 3" piping  
Magnaflow cat  
DynoMax UltraFlow muffler  
Flowmaster tailpipe  
2 stage boost control   (completed)
Gillis boost valve  
2-stage solenoid  
Steering Shaft   (completed)
Flaming River Steering Shaft  
Ford Motorsport Chassis Strengthening Kit   (completed)
Audio System   (completed)
Amplifier Kit  
iPod charger (permanent install)  
Dash speakers (Blaupunkt)  
Suspension Stage II   (incomplete)
MM full length subframe connectors   (not purchased)
MM Adjustable LCAs   (not purchased)
Suspension Stage III   (incomplete)
MM Forward offset front control arms   (not purchased)
MM Front coilovers   (not purchased)
MM Panhard bar   (not purchased)
Revalve front Konis   (not purchased)
Shifter   (incomplete)
Ford Racing shifter (a.k.a. Steeda Tri-Ax)   (not purchased)
Replacement leather boot   (not purchased)
Cobra knob  
Fuel system   (incomplete)
Walbro 255lph high pressure fuel pump  
Delphi 65lb injectors  
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